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Understanding Windshield Sunshades – Advantages & Types

It’s suggested to avoid sitting in a car that’s been out underneath the summer sun for quite some time. To prevent burning yourself, we have sun shades serving the purpose of protecting against the harsh sun rays. Looking at the cool sun shades for cars, there are various options to choose from that fit perfectly as per your vehicle’s measurements. The best way to opt for is purchasing custom fit sunshades for cars that set right where you want them to be.

Sun shades not only protect your car against the scorching summer heat, the interior, including your dashboard and leather seats, also remain safe from developing cracks and color fades. Rest aside, one thing is for sure, the car’s cockpit will always stay cool no matter what. Looking at the windshield sun shades, they are designed according to the commonly owned vehicles make and model, flushing in opposition to your windshield, covering every spot entirely. Below, you are gonna find the most convincing benefits of buying windshields and the preferred types.

Sun shade benefits

  • They are always made to have a precise design.
  • Protects the car with 100% efficiency from harsh UV rays.
  • Effortless installation
  • Can be folded when storing

If you wonder, you may notice that sunshades are more like car covers. They provide the car with a pristine look and cover every inch appropriately. This leaves the vehicle free from even dust, grit, and a lot more. Here are the most everyday styles of windshield sunshades available for you to select.

Sun shade types

Foldable shades

These windshield sunshades are preferred the most as they can be easily collapsed into a mini sunshades perfect for storing when not in use. The feasibility of getting it folded and unfolded is what provides maximum coverage from the sun. This means that the tailor shapes it to block the sunlight as per your car’s measurements.

Roll-up custom shades

Contrary to the foldable shades, roll-up ones do not contain a panel or collapsible body. Hence, they can be rolled when storing. These sun protectors are indeed a fantastic option for your car, as they prevent the intense sun rays from striking your car’s interior.

Accordion shades

The Accordion style is preferred for those who want custom-fit sun shades that are fixed and need not be stored. These shades can be obtained in a universal size and according to your car’s dimensions as well.

Universal roll-up shades

The universal type is literally what every budget-constrained person looks for. These shades can fit any car feasible, making them an all-time favorite option.

For circumstances where your car remains outdoor for a prolonged time, you may need to protect it from rain and bad weather. Weathertech sun shades, in that case, are preferred since they have the ability to protect your car against the ugly forecast.

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